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Welcome to the home of AlwaysMe3!

What you will find on my site is my form of SIMPLICITY.
Sometimes, I would rather share a great article that I found instead of cluttering the internet with yet another article about the same thing.
Sometimes, I write stuff. Sometimes, it's actually good.
It goes here, too.

Latest Post That May or May Not Be Mine.

Long live OAO! Online Audience Optimization

I have been telling clients for quite some time now that it’s not about the numbers. What is the point of having a zillion hits to your website when only .0001% convert? All that means is that your content is NOT what YOUR audience is looking for.  Cater to the people you want to court as customers; write for them. You may not get as much traffic, but the traffic will convert. It’s the old adage ”quality over quantity”. As your grandmother can tell you, it works every time.

Is your website catering to your desired clientele? Does your content convert? If it’s not, or you need some help in getting it to convert better, give me a call!

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SEO is Dead. Long Live OAO.

Posted September 19th, 2013 by  & filed under Columns.

9 tips for implementing online audience optimization strategies now. 

For content publishers, search engine optimization—which we’ve all come to know as SEO—is dead. Rising from its ashes is OAO—online audience optimization.

SEO is dead. Here is it’s replacement.

SEO has been on it;s way out for a while, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s time to move on to the human side of the web. It’s time to really connect with people that matter, not just numbers.

SEO Is Dead. Here’s What Is Taking Its PlaceIf you’ve ever tried to deal with search engine optimization, you most likely have, at some point or another, wanted to bundle your whole site up and toss it into the nearest virtual trash can. Particularly if you felt compelled to focus on keywords, or any other technique calculated to artificially pique someone’s mouse clicks.

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